Robert Redford Owned This '64 Porsche Carrera GTS

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With so many enthusiastic fans of the marque around the world, classic Porsches keep trading at higher and higher values on the open market. And this one could fetch a rather handsome sum when it crosses the auction block in Scottsdale, Arizona, next month.

What we have here is a Carrera GTS – known internally as the 904 – produced in 1964. It's one of just 106 examples that Porsche offered in order to satisfy homologation requirements. But this one's a bit more special than the other 105 made, owing in no small part to its celebrity provenance.

The 904 was the first competition sports car that Porsche made after shuttering its overtaxing Formula One program in the early 1960s. It featured a fiberglass shell over a steel chassis that was inspired by (but deemed stronger than) Colin Chapman's revolutionary all-composite Lotus Elite. Porsche adapted its state-of-the-art double wishbone suspension from F1, and fitted a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that, in road-going form, produced 155 horsepower, or as much as 180 in competition spec. Though nowhere near as powerful as the larger Ferraris of the day, the nimble 904 proved a winning package in its class and on more twisting routes.

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This example was only the second sold to an outside party. It competed extensively and featured on the July 1964 cover of Road & Track magazine before it was sold to none other than Robert Redford, a contemporary of such famous racing actors as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Redford kept it for over a decade, and the celebrity provenance can only stand to increase its value over the ~$1.5-2 million for which similar examples have been trading hands in recent years when Bonhams sells it off to the highest bidder at the Westin in Scottsdale on January 17.

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