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Sellouts? Possibly, but the rock stars who've inspired these cars are anything but.

Cars and trucks inspired by guitar Gods are always a win. Normally when bands associate their name or likeness with a product or service, they are branded sellouts. We think an exception can be made for all of these awesome rock star rides. The cars featured here were designed or inspired by some of rock's biggest legends. If you have ever wondered what a Freddie Mercury-designed Lotus would look like (awesome), then you are definitely going to want to check these cars out.

You might not be able to tell at first glance, but there is a Chevy Avalanche hidden under all the awesomeness that is the Cheap Trick Dream Police Tactical Vehicle. This awesome tribute truck may be one of the greatest custom jobs ever featured at a SEMA show. The modified Avalanche features an airbrushed image of the band, side mirrors in the shape of a guitar neck and a bed designed as an entertainment center complete with the game "Rock Band."

When KISS members aren't shilling for Dr. Pepper, they're designing cars with MINI Cooper. The KISS and MINI collaboration was part of the MINI Rocks the Rivals test drive promotional tour. Each member of KISS had a MINI Cooper designed in their image. The one-of-a-kind micro-cars were auctioned off with the proceeds going towards UNICEF's Japan earthquake relief efforts.

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Lotus honored what would have been the 65th birthday of Queen front man Freddie Mercury by creating a one-off Evora S in his honor. The Evora S was painted a sparkling pearl white with red and gold accents, with Mercury's signature adorning the bumper. Like the KISS MINI Cooper, the Freddie Mercury was auctioned off for charity, with the proceeds benefiting the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Most car companies would collaborate with one rock band and call it a day. Lotus is not like most car companies, as indicated by its recent collaboration with Roger Daltrey of The Who. The Roger Daltrey Evora has an all-black body complete with Who badges and the rocker's signature on the rear. The Daltrey Evora was designed for charitable purposes, with the proceeds of its auction benefiting Teenage Cancer Trust.

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