Rock Stars and Racecars - Ken Block and Tommy Lee Do Gymkhana

Bromances – rock star style.

Ken Block is best-known for his can't-be-topped Gymkhana films and Tommy Lee is known for his forays into making home videos (ba-zing!). The racecar/stunt driver and the Motley Crue drummer have developed a bromance lately and the escapades were, you guessed it, caught on film. Tommy Lee met up with Ken Block about an hour north of Los Angeles, California at the Willow Springs Raceway for a ride in his 600hp 2012 Gymkhana World Tour Ford Fiesta.

Lee enjoyed his Gymkhana experience so much that he invited Block to his band's show in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock Hotel. The trip was capped off by Block joining Lee on his 360 degree Drum Roller Coaster. If there is one thing we learned from Tommy Lee and Ken Block's bromance, it's that throwing the 'devil horns/to the extreme' sign is still cool.

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