Rod Stewart's Lambo Miura SV is Up For Grabs

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His Ferrari Enzo, however, is not for sale.

It may only have cost the British rock legend $13,000 when he bought it back in 1972, but today you'll probably need closer to $1.6 million to pick up a Lamborghini Miura SV. Those two letters at the end standing for "spinto veloce" means this is an extra-special Miura, one with a 390-hp engine, revised suspension, and new nine-inch Campagnolo wheels. It was also the world's fastest production car when unveiled in 1971, and only 150 SVs were made.

Rod Stewart's model was #701 of 765 Miuras ever built, and one of seven right-hand drive versions, so this rare supercar will appeal largely to the Londoner's compatriots. After selling it on in 1985, it subsequently received a $190,000 restoration at Sant'Agata including refinishing '4818' in original Giallo Fly livery, followed by a $86,000 engine rebuild. Last month it sold in auction for £919,900 (almost $1.5 million), and it's now up for grabs again with Talacrest, whom interested parties will have to contact in order to see how much they want for it.

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