Roewe 950 Unveiled in Beijing

Nothing more than a Buick Lacrosse with a sprinkling of Asian executive styling.

The new Roewe 950 was spawned in collaboration with parent company SAIC that has links with GM. It was developed as a BMW 5-Series rival and as many of you would probably have guessed after a cursory glance, it is based on a Buick Lacrosse. As seems to be the way with luxury sedans in China it has limo-like comfort to spare with a very roomy interior and more legroom than in rival models by the likes of Acura, Lexus and Infiniti. It also boasts massive rear doors and a huge boot.

With Lacrosse underpinning comes a choice of 2.4-liter and V6 engines plus a glut of hands-free operations for minor controls. How well it competes in what is already a competitive, albeit lucrative, segment will depend largely on its price, details of which have yet to be released.

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