Rogue Next Gen. + Value Edition Coming in 2014

Sounds a bit strange, but business-wise it makes sense.

Nissan revealed the new X-Trail at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. In the US it’ll be badged as the next-generation Rogue. Compared to the outgoing model, it's bigger, with an optional third row seat, and in general, it has been further refined to make it more competitive in its segment against the likes of the Ford Escape and Mazda CX-5. In a model reminiscent of how Apple Inc. uses to sell its previous generation iPhones, Nissan has just announced that the current-gen Rogue will continue to be built along with the new model.

Set to be called the "Rogue Select," it’ll carry a base price of under $20,000 specifically targetting value-oriented shoppers. The 2014 Rogue will start at just north of $23,000. Nissan is claiming that the Rogue Select will be a "low-cost, high-content" model. Despite more formidable competitors, the current Rogue still remains Nissan’s best-selling SUV. In 2012, some 142,349 units were sold and sales continue to be up by some 16 percent. So why replace it at all in that case? Nissan believes the old Rogue is still a money maker, and the new model may even steal sales away from those aforementioned competitors. In other words, it’s a win-win for Nissan.

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