Roller Blader Goes 200 KM/H Riding on the Back of a Challenger SRT8

Forget the man of steel. This guy has balls of steel.

For most people, riding shotgun in a Dodge Challenger SRT8 is thrilling enough. But not this guy. In true Marty McFly fashion, watch as he calmly glides to the rear end of the 593-horsepower muscle car, holds onto the bumper and hangs on for dear life as the Challenger motors down the runway hitting over 120 mph in a matter of seconds. Taking place at the Meinerzhagen airfield in Germany, check out the man with two giant testicles and a pair of skates reach some serious speeds.

Hat tip to Jorrick for the video. (NB. Best not to try this one at home with an old Chevy and skateboard.)

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