Rolling A 1,800-HP Camaro At 200 MPH Is Scarier Than We Ever Imagined

Not everything went as planned.

Racing cars of any type at any speed is always a risk. For many, it’s a risk worth taking but at the end of the day, racing people need to have good insurance for both themselves and their cars. Take these guys, for example. Without question this is one of the scariest dash cam crashes we’ve seen in a while. This biturbo LSXY Chevy Camaro was partaking in the Shift S3ctor Half Mile event when something suddenly went wrong. That something was the front wheel locking up, sending the car and both occupants into a nasty spin.

When the dust settled, the car was obviously totaled and there was smoke indicating a fire. One of the occupants was unconscious and it was a challenge to get them both out. A smashed in roof will do that, but fortunately both of the guys are just fine. Be sure to watch the entire video and you’ll get a good look at what the Camaro looks like now.

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