Rolling Burnouts Seem Way Too Easy In The Koenigsegg Regera

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Then again, it's not like you need to worry about trashing the transmission.

Since the production-ready supercar was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the Koenigsegg Regera hasn't really been in the spotlight. For sure, the hybrid road rocket's been featured on this site a few times since March 2016, but the amount of info on the Regera coming from Koenigsegg has been surprisingly limited. As perhaps an apology for such a long wait for new news, the Swedish supercar maker's revealed a new party trick for the Regera: the ability to destroy its rear tires with ease.

As demonstrated by the video below (you can check out the original Koenigsegg clip here, if you'd prefer to give the view to the original creator), the 1500-hp speed machine has no problems at all turning its 20-inch Michelin rubber into plumes of white smoke. It's genuinely quite an impressive sight to behold.

What makes it even more unique is that the Koenigsegg Regera doesn't actually have a proper gearbox to speak of. As a result, owners of this hybrid monster won't have to worry about burning the clutch or transmission out, so the amount of rolling burnouts they tally up is only really limited by the life of their tires. Then again, the Regera's 663 lb-ft of torque means it won't be long before you've worn the compound down all the way to its core.

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