Rolling Drag Race At The Nurburgring Doesn't Go As You'd Think


This is an odd one, not so much the cars but the way the races happen. They're like drag races, but not.

This video if from an event called "rolling50" and it takes place on the Nurburgring GP Strecke. It's technically not a drag race though, the cars pull off but only begin to race when they reach 50 kph, hence the name of the event. The "rolling start" make these races a little dicey, but even with jumped starts of sorts, you can clearly see which cars have the power and which don't. The Porsches do have a tuning advantage though, so bear that in mind.

It looks like the Porsches are the ones to beat at this event, but only at this event. The other cars could be better over a longer distance after a standing start.

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So what we have here is a 500 hpPorsche 991 GT3 RS taking on a 630 hp Porsche 991 Turbo S drop top, both tuned by JP Performance. At the event, cars race down ashorter than normal strip, measuring in at 0.18 mile, but they still get up tosome decent speeds. Both cars clocked in at 117 mph, further proof anormally aspirated GT3 RS is a beast of a car. The GT3 RS then triesagainst a Corvette C7 Z06 with a reported 659 hp and then a 690 hp AMG GTS. The Corvette race is terrible even though it lays down the power.We're sure that a proper standing start with timing lights and a countdown will show a closermatch up or possibly a different end result than that jumped start.