Rolls' Bespoke Program Customers Bespeaking like Crazy

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Record sales for bespoke custom-tailored cars on all of Roll Royce's models.

Roll's Royce's special Bespoke Program, allowing customers to customize their cars and personalize their specs, has created a bespoke-craze on all Spirit of Ecstasy nameplates. In 2013, 95% of buyers chose to bespeak their models. The Bespoke Phantom's best market is the Middle East, where 99% of cars were ordered bespoked. In America, bespoke rates were 98%, while only 95% of Europeans chose to bespeak their cars and 86% of Asians ordered Bespoke Phantoms.

For Bespoke Ghost models, the numbers were slightly lower, though the Middle East continued to top the list with 99% bespeaking. Rolls' CEO issued a statement saying "This continuing growth in Bespoke sales in 2013 proves the fact that Rolls-Royce is the home of bespoke in the luxury world. The success of this operation here at Goodwood… reaffirms our decision to expand our Bespoke offer." In addition to regular models, Rolls' sales were bespiked by special edition Bespoke models, including the Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupe, Bespoke Alpine Trial Centenary Ghost and the Bespoke Celestial Phantom.


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