Rolls-Royce Announces Mysore Edition For The Ghost, Won't Be Selling It In Mysore


Seems kind of mean, doesn't it?

This is the sort of special edition that only Rolls-Royce could make, and it's a bit strange even for RR. The car is the Ghost Mysore Edition, named for the Kingdom of Mysore, formerly located in present day India. The name is still shared by an Indian city, but Rolls-Royce is saying that the source of inspiration for the car was the 18th century ruler of the kingdom, Tipu Sultan. The car has a tiger motif as a tribute to the king, who was known as "The Tiger of Mysore," as well as a gold Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.


There are also a fair number of peacocks adorning the car, although this is done without explanation. Also a bit unusual is the fact that these cars, which one might reasonably expect to have been made for the Indian market, are all going to Abu Dhabi. But it is quite a good looking car, with just three units being made, all of them based on the Extended Wheelbase Ghost Series II.

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