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Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost Pays Tribute to Guangzhou

China's third biggest city is the focus of Rolls-Royce's latest special edition.

It won't be long before China becomes Rolls-Royce's biggest market, and there's nothing the country's nouveau riche love more than a special edition model. So just a few weeks after releasing the Golden Sunbird edition, Rolls-Royce Bespoke has created another China special Ghost. Dubbed the Canton Glory, the latest custom Roller pays tribute to Guangzhou, where it was launched at the city's annual motor show. The name is a nod to the iconic Canton Tower, which inspired the exclusive design of the twin Ghosts.

The limited edition Rolls-Royce Ghosts boast a two-tone color scheme of Medeira red and Cassiopeia silver or Carrera white. The city's Five Rams statue is represented as a motif found on the coachline, veneer panels, headrests and dashboards. With Beijing and Shanghai already moving more Rolls-Royces than most cities on Earth, the British carmaker is hopeful that Guangzhou, China's next biggest city, will follow suit.

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