Rolls Royce Considering an EV (Again)

Company exec says effortless, quiet torque is perfect for its buyers.

Though luxury automaker Rolls Royce has confirmed that aplug-in hybrid will be an inevitable part of its future, no mention of anelectric vehicle has been made since the 2011 Geneva 102EX concept. Butnow, it seems that the possibility may be back on the table. Head of BespokeSales and Marketing for Rolls, Richard Collar, told Auto Express that customers“loved” the 102EX, and that such a model would be a perfect addition to thecompany’s current lineup.

Above all, he stated that the electric vehicle is "something very true to Rolls Royce, it’s effortless, there’s huge amounts of torque and it is perfectly quiet.” However, the manufacturer is still concerned with the current range provided by EVs, as Rolls Royce customers “don’t accept compromise.”

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