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Rolls-Royce Created A Bespoke Wraith To Honor An English Sport

Any guesses as to what the sport its?

Lately,automakers have been creating one-off vehicles based off of random things. But Rolls-Royce’slatest custom Wraith is based off of something that we can actually get behind.This custom vehicle pays tribute to the game of rugby and arrived just in timefor the Rugby World Cup, which is being hosted in the UK. A team of craftsmenand designers created this custom Wraith to celebrate the country’s love of thecontact sport. If you’re not a huge fan of rugby, you’ll struggle to point outthe subtle custom points.

The vehicle’sexterior color—English White—pays homage to the white rugby shirt worn at RugbySchool. Another distinctfeature of rugby in England is the red rose found on the inside and the outside of the Wraith. The coupe’s shoulder-line is accented by a hand-appliedcoachline in deep green, while the Wraith’s 21-inch five twin-spoke alloy wheels have a muscular look. The interior’s dashboard accent panel,seat and door piping are finished in Hotspur Red, while Piano Black veneer canbe found on the center panel and dashboard. The seats are finished in Seashell,while Navy Blue contrasts everything. This custom Wraith may not scream rugby, butits subtleness is something that we find enjoyable.

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