Rolls-Royce Dawn Transformed Into Stunning 686-HP Open-Top Cruiser


It's stupidly powerful, too.

Tastefully modifying a Rolls-Royce can be an incredibly hard thing to pull off. It doesn't especially help that the donor car is already a bold and distinctive vehicle, and the likes of Mansory have demonstrated it's easy to really divide opinion on how excessive a customized Rolls-Royce should be. There have, though, been examples that prove you can tweak a Rolls without losing the essence of what makes its cars special - which is something we think Spofec has achieved with its variation of the Rolls-Royce Dawn.

For starters, the interior isn't drastically overhauled in this particular Dawn example - which is probably testament to just how well crafted the standard Rolls-Royce's cabin already was. It's also worth pointing out that, though the bodywork has been adjusted somewhat, the alterations aren't too radical. In fact, the lowered ride height and the new 22-inch wheel designs are probably far more immediately apparent than the discrete lip spoiler, the redesigned bumpers and the air intakes inserted behind the front wheel arches. Kudos to Spofec for creating an all-carbon makeover for a Rolls-Royce that doesn't transform the car into a vulgar mess.

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Those air vents, though, are probably the biggest visual indicators to what the big changes as part of this Spofec customization scheme are. There's still a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 engine under that huge hood, but it's now churning out a whopping 686 hp and 722 lb-ft of torque. Plus, a new stainless steel exhaust (with optional "electronic sound management" functionality) helps amplify the V12 rumble a tad, and an advanced carbon-ceramic braking system helps bring the Spofec-fettled Dawn back down to more sensible and sedate speeds.