Rolls-Royce Expanding Bespoke Operations

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British luxury automaker Rolls-Royce announces they will be expanding their bespoke operations due to increased worldwide demand.

Rolls-Royce has just announced in a press release that they will be expanding their bespoke (custom-made services) operations due to growing customer demand throughout the world. Based in Goodwood in West Sussex, U.K, the home of Rolls-Royce, a surge of new team members will soon be joining the company, including designers, engineers and project management staff. The plan is to double the number employees by the end of 2011.

Over the past year, the luxury British automaker has seen "a significant increase in customer demand for personalized bespoke features, transforming the brand's super-luxury cars into unique hand-crafted masterpieces." There will also be operational support jobs in various areas including product marketing and sales. Although there are growing worries throughout the globe regarding the economies of many nations, there still appears to be plenty of wealthy customers who are more than willing to pay a huge premium for their ideal ride.

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According to Member of the Board and Director, Sales and Marketing Jolyon Nash, "The ability to bespoke one's vehicle has always been at the heart of Rolls-Royce so it is very encouraging to see that after more than one hundred years at the very pinnacle of the automotive world, our bespoke services are still very much in demand."