Rolls-Royce Ghost Carbon Edition is a One-Off Special for China

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Unveiled at the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show.

With a striking two-tone red and black paint job, the one-off Rolls-Royce Ghost Carbon Edition, as the name suggests, is all about everyone's favorite lightweight material. Open the door and a plaque saying "1st Carbon Fiber in China" hints at what's to come. Basically, where one would normally find lots off wood veneer is carbon fiber instead. There's a carbon-fiber dashboard, more of the stuff slapped onto the doors, while the gray leather seats get some nice red contrast stitching.

Someone in China is doubtless going to spend a wheelbarrow full of Yuan to drive this bad boy home, happy in the knowledge his Roller has more carbon fiber than everyone else's. Thanks to Indian Autos Blog for the pictures.

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