Rolls-Royce Has Officially Given Its New SUV A Codename

Hint: it's named after a diamond. Seriously.

What we do know for sure is that Rolls-Royce has committed itself to launching an uber luxurious SUV sometime in 2017. And now we’re beginning to hear about some new details despite that far off launch date. According to Auto Express, BMW Sales and Marketing boss, Ian Robertson, who was previously Rolls-Royce Chairman, revealed that the SUV is currently codenamed Cullinan. What the heck is that? Good question. Cullinan is supposedly the name of the world’s largest uncut diamond that was found in South Africa back in 1905.

Aren’t you glad you know now? Anyway, Robertson further revealed that the Cullinan (a name which may not stick) will sit beneath the Phantom in the automaker’s lineup. "The Phantom always has to be the pinnacle," Robertson explained. However, the Cullinan will likely utilize the Phantom’s lightweight aluminum spaceframe as opposed to getting its own unique platform. This would also mean, theoretically, the Cullinan will receive the Phantom’s V12 as well as other shared technologies. Robertson also confirmed the Cullinan will be sold in fairly limited numbers. In the meantime, rendering artist Theophilus Chin has created a new set of Rolls-Royce SUV renderings. Thoughts?

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