Rolls-Royce Is Celebrating Singapore's 50th Birthday The Only Way It Knows How

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This would be special edition No. 1,220,879.

Rolls-Royce has a bad of habit of celebrating just about anything that has ever happened with a one-off. That being said its latest one-off Ghost is a proper tribute that celebrates a major historical event. (Sorry, but a British guy inventing water skiing just doesn't cut it.) The SG50 Ghost Series II celebrates the 50th birthday of Singapore. As such it features merlions, the country's signature mermaid lion symbol. Yeah, merlions are a thing. You learn something new every day!

The SG50 is highlighted by its gorgeous burgundy and white interior. All that burgundy and merlion stitching won't come cheap, but Rolls-Royce isn't saying anything about pricing. Singapore is filled with millionaires so it shouldn't be too hard for the guys at Goodwood to unload this Ghost by the time the country's birthday rolls around on August 9.


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