Rolls-Royce Is Offering The Weirdest Collector's Item To Celebrate Its Last Phantoms

Limited Edition

Because nowadays bespoke ultra-luxury cars just aren't enough.

We learned a few months ago that the Rolls-Royce Phantom was getting the ax. There will be a successor, though, but it will debut in 2018 and sit on an all-new aluminum architecture. As expected the Phantom is going out with a bang, with the aptly named Zenith Collection. It’s made up of 50 custom Coupes and Drophead Coupes, all of which have been spoken for. But we already knew all this. However, what we didn’t know is that each car is getting a unique and, well, kind of odd memento.

Rolls-Royce recently revealed more details about the Zenith Collection, one of which is the fact that each car will include a piece of the Phantom Assembly Line. The piece will sit inside a polished aluminum case that will live inside the central fascia drawer (rich speak for in the center console). The case will be laser-engraved with the car’s ID number and inside of it will be a piece of the assembly line. Rolls-Royce says the piece will have “coordinates” to indicate where on the line it came from. We’re guessing these won’t be written out in latitude and longitude but who knows. While this may sound odd it’s not the craziest idea in the world if you take a step back.

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Automakers are always trying to one-up each other, and when you get into the rarefied air that Rolls-Royce lives and works in you can only add so much leather and wood before your finery looks redundant. Including a piece of assembly line inside a fancy box seems gimmicky but it does give the owners of the Phantoms in the Zenith Collection something to brag about to their buddies who drive Bentleys. In the ultra-luxury car wars anything goes. Maybe Bentley or Mercedes-Maybach will include an assembly line robot in its next special edition? We've included photos of the assembly line box along with other shots that show the finer details of these custom Phantoms.