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Rolls-Royce Is Working On A Very Special One-Off

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Just to celebrate the company's 115th birthday.

115 years seems like an immeasurably long amount of time but sure enough, that's how long Rolls-Royce has been in business as of May 4, 2019. On the same day in 1904, Rolls-Royce founder Charles Rolls and Henry Royce had their first meeting at The Midland Hotel in Manchester where they established one of the most prestigious car companies the world has ever seen.

Their first vehicle produced just 10 horsepower, which is a far cry from the twin-turbo V12 monsters built today. In order to commemorate the 115th anniversary of its birth, Rolls-Royce will build a special one-off model in collaboration with RM Sotheby's.

The bespoke one-off will be based on a 2020 Phantom and will be auctioned off in the fall through Sotheby's online auction service. This means unlike many one-off creations from luxury automakers, this one isn't already spoken for. And for the same price as a medium-sized mansion, it could be all yours.

The details about the car are extremely limited at this point but Rolls-Royce has confirmed the car will be painted red like the artist's sketch pictured above. Rolls-Royce has also stated the one-off will feature "an original hand-crafted leather work of art" on the interior and we expect most of the interior panels to be bespoke.

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Rolls-Royce is no stranger to building one-off creations, like the Sweptail pictured here. Rumors emerged around a year ago that the company was working on another one-off called the Boat Tail but we don't think this red Phantom is the car the rumors referred to. Rolls-Royce could surprise us with a completely custom body and interior but we expect this car to be more like a Black Badge special edition than a separate model.

Either way, we're sure this one-off Phantom will feel special. A base Phantom costs $450,000, so this car could easily pass the $1 million mark when it goes up for auction. More details should emerge closer to the auction in fall 2019.