Rolls-Royce Just Issued The Smallest Recall In Automotive History

It doesn't get much smaller than this.

When you buy a luxury sedan for hundreds of thousands of dollars you expect some damn good service both during and after your purchase. Rolls-Royce recently went the extra mile for one customer by announcing a recall for a single Ghost. The unlucky vehicle was made on January 23, 2014. The issue is a pretty serious one and involves airbags. The driver and passenger thorax airbags may not meet side impact performance requirements. In addition to failing to meet a federal standard the airbags could increase the risk of injury in a crash.

The lone Ghost is somewhere in North America and the owner can hit up any Rolls-Royce dealership to get the issue remedied. It’s actually pretty awesome to see the automaker go so far for just one car. GM could learn something from this. Also, Bentley must be pretty tweaked at this small announcement seeing as how it recalled 27,000 of its own cars for faulty battery cables not so long ago.

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