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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Gets A Swanky Sendoff

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The last ever Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is looking for a rich new owner.

It's hard to believe the current Rolls-Royce Phantom was first introduced way back in 2003. At long last, its ageing architecture is being replaced with the all-new Phantom VIII set to debut next month riding on an aluminium architecture. Sadly, the Drophead Coupe won't be part of the new line-up, so Rolls-Royce has given the current model a swanky sendoff with a one-off "Last of Last" model which is currently looking for a rich new owner at Saudi Arabia's Seven Car Lounge.

As the name suggests, this represents the last ever example of the Drophead Coupe to leave the Rolls-Royce factory. It's factory fresh, with zero miles on the clock. Helping make the classy convertible stand out is a distinctive white paint job with a hint of ivory and opalescent finish which is contrasted with a dash of turquoise tracing along the lower section of the exterior. The hood, grille, and windshield surrounds have been left unpainted to emphasize the brushed aluminium. Just when you thought the Drophead Coupe couldn't get any more decadent, the Spirit of Ecstasy is made of crystal and perches proudly above the grille with lavish lighting underneath.

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The interior is said to be inspired by the famous Riva aquarima Special Boat and is about as plush as you would expect for a one-off Rolls-Royce. The color scheme matches the exterior, featuring white and torqoise seating, while light streaks of blue have been applied to the center tunnel, steering wheel, and some of the interior trim. The lower part of the dashboard is coated in carbon fiber, but it seems unlikely that this was added to shed any weight. It's a special sendoff, but you can probably expect to pay a premium over the $500k base Drophead Coupe as the dealer isn't listing a price.