Rolls-Royce Phantom Gets Toyota Supra Engine With 900 HP

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This could be the engine swaps to end all engine swaps.

There better be a damned good reason why some removed the 6.75-liter V12 from this Rolls-Royce Phantom and replaced it with a 2JZ unit from a Toyota Supra. Mercifully, there is. According to Engine Swap Depot, the Phantom, a last-generation model, suffered engine failure. That gave the Japan-based owner all the excuse he needed to chuck it out in favor of a 3.0-liter straight-six 2JZ-GTE, that he had turbocharged and supercharged to deliver 900 horsepower for good measure.

J and K Products were tasked with rebuilding the engine, which received HKS forged internals, a GTS8555 supercharger, and a GReddy T78-33D turbo. Power is sent to the wheels via an automatic transmission by Aristo that's been given upgraded internals to handle all that power. Where the Phantom has a column-mounted gear selector, this new unit has its selector mounted on the center console, with engine readings, such as water and oil temperature, RPM, speed and boost pressure displayed on gauges that have no place belonging in something as refined as a Rolls. Videos of the car in action have yet to surface, but now this car is out in the open, that shouldn't take long. Watch this space.

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