Rolls-Royce Planning V16 Roadster?

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A sixteen-cylinder Rolls-Royce? Not so far-fetched, as it turns out. This is the kind of rumor we can get behind.

Rolls-Royce is preparing to launch the new Wraith, a Ghost-based coupe that promises to be its most powerful to date. But it won't be its most powerful forever. At least not according to a new report from Britain's Car magazine. According to the report, Goodwood is working on a sixteen-cylinder roadster to act as a halo car to cap its range and stick it to its arch-rivals Bentley and Bugatti. Rolls-Royce made a 9.0-liter V16 prototype engine for the 100EX concept that previewed the Phantom Drophead Coupe.

Unfortunately it was ruled out from production, and the Phantom got a 6.75-liter V12 in its place. But with the smaller Ghost also using a V12, Rolls-Royce engineers are apparently eager to put the V16 to good use. Rather than slot it into the existing Phantom, however, the plans could call for building a new flagship roadster around the engine, using a modified version of the Phantom's platform. It would take several years to get it ready for production, but if made, it would make a good 700 horsepower – and Daniel Simon and the Red Skull from Captain America consider trading in their V16 roadster.

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