Rolls-Royce Preparing First Ever True Concept Car


And it's designed for 100 years in the future. This will be good.

BMW is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, and part of that celebration involves three concept cars and one concept motorcycle. The first of these, the BMW Vision Next 100, has already been revealed. A Mini concept is also expected to debut, but what has our attention is the Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary. Little about the concept is known, but Autocar is saying that the focus will be on the interior. That makes sense to us as Rolls isn't exactly known for its edgy design studies.

Whereas the BMW Vision Next 100 went fully into the future with renewable materials and autonomous tech, we're betting the Rolls-Royce Grand Sanctuary won't take such a deep dive. Yes, the future of all automobiles is destined to be eco-friendly but can you imagine a future Phantom with seats made out of plastic bottles? Neither can we. The Rolls-Royce Vision concept will make its debut in London from June 16 to the 26, which is also when Mini will be showing its concept. Note: This is the Rolls-Royce Apparition concept created by Jeremy Westerlund back in 2011.

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