More People Are Buying Rolls-Royce Cars Than Ever Before

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Compared to 2020, its sales are up by a whopping 49%.

Despite being one of the most exclusive automotive brands to currently exist, demand for Rolls-Royce products has never been higher with the British marque confirming its best year of sales yet for 2021. Its strongest products were the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Cullinan but demand for its entire line-up is high.

Considering that the badge has been around for 117 years, notching up its best sales ever is quite a phenomenal achievement, especially when you note the challenges faced by the motor industry last year. The company was able to deliver 5,586 units throughout the year which reflects an increase of 49% compared to 2020. That's a huge number for any company, but when you take into account that RR's cheapest model is the Ghost at over $300,000, that is a truly monumental record.

Frontal Aspect Rolls-Royce
Rear Angle View Rolls-Royce
2019-2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Front View Driving Rolls-Royce
2019-2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Rear View Driving Rolls-Royce

Significant increases were experienced in the Greater China region, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific part of the world. The Ghost in particular was the driver of growth for Rolls-Royce thanks to the introduction of the Black Badge variant that was introduced in October 2021. Combining this with the already popular Cullinan and the Phantom, the company declares that its order books are already full up to the third quarter of 2022.

Its Provenance pre-owned program also saw impressive growth in 2021 and resultantly set new records for the brand. Bespoke commissions didn't falter either, with individual creations like the Phantom Oribe being joined by Black Badge Wraith and Black Badge Dawn Landspeed Collection cars, not to mention the Phantom Tempus Collection. And who can forget the exquisite Boat Tail?

2018-2021 Rolls-Royce Phantom Front View Driving Rolls-Royce
2018-2021 Rolls-Royce Phantom Rear View Driving Rolls-Royce

A notable announcement from Rolls-Royce in 2021 was that it would be unleashing its electrified Spectre in the fourth quarter of 2023. Testing for this model is already underway with the luxury electric car being subjected to over 1.5 million miles of driving over four regions of the world. The goal of this is to simulate more than 400 years of usage.

As part of the preparations, Rolls-Royce will continue to meet the rise in demands of its products by investing in its manufacturing plant and in greater human resources, as evidenced by the hiring of a record 37 new apprentices that will join the marque in September. We look forward to seeing what the British brand has in store, but don't expect it to actively chase greater sales records - a company like this is all about exclusivity and image.

Front Angle View Rolls-Royce
Top View Rolls-Royce

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Frontal Aspect
Rear Angle View
2019-2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Front View Driving
2019-2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Rear View Driving
2018-2021 Rolls-Royce Phantom Front View Driving

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