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Rolls-Royce Reveals Ghawwass Phantom Coupe

The name should give you a clue as to where the latest bespoke Rolls is heading.

The latest in a long line of limited edition Rollers has an unusual name yet sports all the standard hallmarks of bespoke models created for the British marque’s well-healed overseas clientele. Dubbed the Ghawwass Bespoke Edition named after the Arabic word for diver (no prizes for guessing where this custom Phantom is destined for), the ultra-luxury coupe celebrates "the traditional method of collecting pearls from the Bahrain pearl banks."

That’s why Rolls-Royce has gone for a Turchese Blue exterior and similarly colored interior with touches of tan to recreate the waters and sand of the Arabian Gulf, while a traditional Arabic sailboat called a Dhow adorns the coachline and is stitched into the headrests. Although we can’t see them, Rolls-Royce assures us the veneers are made of pearl. There’s no mention of price, presumably because the owner couldn’t care less.

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