Rolls-Royce's New Luxury Luggage Set Costs More Than A Mercedes

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Totally worth it.

Rolls-Royce has rolled out a new six-piece luggage set with a ridiculous price tag. OK, the price tag will be ridiculous to most but if you can afford the car it's designed specifically for-the Wraith-then you probably won't bat an eye at paying $45,000 for a set of luggage. The Wraith Luggage Collection features pieces made with lightweight and luxury materials like carbon fiber and leather. Leather luggage is nothing new, but how many leather pieces of luggage are made by craftspeople wearing white gloves?

In addition to just being luxurious the set is also somewhat ergonomic, with the handles designed to distribute weight evenly. Rolls-Royce talked to head butlers from top hotels around the world (seriously) to ensure that all the details were just right. As you'd expect there is branding but it's subtle. The wheels on the rolling suitcase have the brand's double R logo and the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament is stitched into the leather. All that sounds great, but $45,854 buys you a lot of car. Is a luxury set of luggage really worth all that coin? Honestly, if you have to ask that question then The Wraith Luggage Collection obviously isn't for you.

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