Rolls-Royce Sold 4,063 Cars In 2014, The Company's Fifth Consecutive Record Sales Year


So that's what the Spirit of Ecstasy is so happy about.

Last year, Rolls-Royce sold so many cars that it became the best-selling brand of vehicles costing over 200,000 Euros ($238,000 – the Euro isn't what it used to be). A lot of this is due to newer markets, but not so much as it might sometimes seem. The US was still the biggest buyer of Rollers, and the European market saw the biggest growth, clocked at 40 percent. The number one dealership was Rolls-Royce Motorcars Abu Dhabi, so newer markets aren't insignificant.

Another company record for last year is that every singe Phantom sold was personalized by the Bespoke department, as were a majority of the Ghost and Wraith models sold. All told, the numbers represent a 12 percent gain over 2013, and although this is generally thought of as good, the company is trying to grow carefully, so as to keep it sustainable. That said, it has been confirmed that an SUV model is being considered, and this most likely means a huge amount of rabid growth in a way that the company has never had to deal with before. That's obviously not bad, but it does present a challenge.

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But you can let the folks at RR worry about that, for now just enjoy the video.