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Rolls-Royce to Debut Art Deco Collection in Paris

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Goodwood to channel Art Deco design with a special collection at the Paris Motor Show.

Art Deco wasn't just a golden age for architecture, it also produced some of the most beautiful automobiles ever to grace the road. Marques like Bugatti and Rolls-Royce trace their roots (and some of their most beautiful products) to that period. Now the latter is keen to revive it with a new series of special editions. Little in the way of details were released along with the announcement and three teaser images, but we can safely assume we'll be looking at some unique versions of the Phantom and/or Ghost lines.

Expect something similar to what Rolls-Royce did with the Aviator Collection last month, only with a different approach. Whatever it has in store, the British luxury automaker will reveal its new Art Deco collection at a champagne reception at the Paris Motor Show in a week from now, so watch this space for more.

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