Rolls-Royce Whispers Wraith

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When the doors open at the Geneva Motor Show next month, Rolls-Royce will expand its model line with the new Wraith coupe. In the meantime it has released these teaser images and video clip.

Niche British automakers have a knack for doing a lot with a little. Companies like Bentley, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce seldom have more than two model lines, but manage to spin them into a tantalizing array of variants. In the case of Rolls-Royce, that comes down to the Phantom and Ghost. But while the former has been stretched and chopped into four different body-styles, the latter has stood only as a saloon (albeit in two wheelbase lengths). That bit will change, however, on March 5 when Goodwood unveils the new Wraith at the Geneva Motor Show.

Expected as the coupe version of the Ghost, the Wraith will be "the most powerful Rolls-Royce" to date with output levels that promise to be "more than ample". Like its stablemates, the Wraith draws its name from an afterlife apparition, and has now been teased in a second, rear shot, to join the profile shot released previously and this video clip.

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