Rolls-Royce Will Have A Fully Electric Lineup By 2030

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The Spectre coupe will be the first of many electric Rolls-Royce models.

With the upcoming launch of the fully electric Rolls-Royce Spectre, the British marque is intent on continuing its record-breaking success while maintaining its goal of a carbon-neutral production lineup. Affirming its commitment to this is a new report that suggests the company is working towards abandoning its internal combustion engines by 2030.

Speaking to Autocar, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos confirms that by the end of the decade we can expect the brand to fully embrace the age of electrification. Leading up to this, it will provide its current range with a series of refreshments to keep it in line with modern standards but from this point onwards, we shouldn't be expecting any new fuel-burning cars.

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Muller-Otvos explains that a large driving force behind this decision is the UK government's recent proposal to ban all ICE car sales in the region. Beyond this, the company notes that there is a demand for EV products among its current consumer base. He says, "We aren't only driven by legal. We're also driven by our fairly young clientele worldwide, and we're seeing more and more people asking actively for an electrified Rolls-Royce."

Over the last few years, Rolls-Royce has experienced a sharp decline in the average age of its customers to 43. EV ownership is already common among this batch so the ownership experience of an electrified product from the brand would not be too foreign to its users in terms of charging operation and range management.

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Following the Spectre, we can expect electric successors to popular models like the Phantom sedan and Cullinan SUV. As noted, the Spectre will be the first of the batch and carries the heavy flag of ensuring that the traditionalists are happy. Muller-Otvos clarifies that its future product will not be priced based on what powertrain sits in the chassis but rather where it will be positioned in the segment.

As a result, we can assume that it will cost a bit less than the current Phantom. Regarding the profit margins on this car and other EVs, he explains, "One thing is clear: we will never bring a car to market that isn't as profitable as the combustion-engined cars. That's my credo. I would like to drive contribution margins per car because I'm in the business of making profit: that's my task in the BMW Group, not making volume."

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It has already been reported that Rolls-Royce needs to rely on BMW if it wants to put a capable EV together. Expanding on the division's relationship with the Bavarian group in this sphere, Muller-Otvos states, "We're leveraging the BMW Group's scale as we have done in the past. We're using components from the group which fit us. We aren't into rebadging existing bodies from mass-manufactured cars as Rolls-Royces, so we take components. We would be foolish not doing so."

Previous reports stated that the Spectre will be employing a unique platform but the EV drive system is expected to be sourced from the flagship BMW iX M60.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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