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Rolls-Royce Wraith Splits Opinion With Two-Tone Paintwork

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They really do mean it when they say anything is possible.

The Wraith is what Rolls-Royce calls its ultimate Grand Tourer, a car that combines the highest-quality materials with exquisite styling to offer an unparalleled motoring experience. One of the big selling points of any Rolls-Royce is the vast range of customizations on offer to set each car apart even further.

Of course, every owner has different tastes and where the color and fabric limitations in lesser cars constrain their imaginations, there are no such limits when it comes to a Rolls-Royce.

This Rolls Royce Wraith was commissioned in Abu Dhabi recently and its owner decided to go with an exterior color combo that is sure to split opinion. The Salamanca Blue (looks kind of purple to us) and Ensign Red highlight the unique lines of the Wraith in a none too subtle way and while it may not be for everybody, the owner clearly must like that particular shade of red as it doesn't end there. Carrying on the trend, the interior is covered almost solely in red leather save for the black dashboard top and steering wheel.

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The light wood inlays on the dash are also an interesting choice that will elicit a love it or hate it response but if you can afford a brand-new Wraith then you might as well have it tailored to suit your exacting needs and not give a damn about what everybody else thinks.

Rolls-Royce themselves have been keen to attract a broader client base in recent years, recently displaying a range of bespoke designs at the Monterey Car Week that expanded on its traditionally restrained color palette.