Romanian Thieves Stage Daring Fast And Furious-Style Truck Heist

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They were finally caught after a year-long manhunt.

People often bemoan the Fast and Furious franchise for being more synonymous with heists than street racing these days. And yet heists have been an integral part of the series since the beginning. Cast your mind back to the original Fast and Furious film in 2001, and the opening scene saw Dom and his crew perform a daring heist on a moving truck to steal some electronics. Turns out this famous stunt scene may have inspired thieves to pull off similar heists in real life.

The Guardian reports that a notorious gang of five Romanians were arrested by Dutch police for stealing around $590,000 of iPhones from a moving truck on the highway. Dutch press refer to the stunt as the "Romanian method," in which the criminals would use a modified van to drive up close behind the targeted truck. A gang member would then climb through the sunroof and leap onto the moving truck, Fast and Furious-style, before breaking the lock of the rear door. They would then pass the stolen goods to the other gang members through a hole in the van's roof. According to police, the gang has been responsible for as many as 17 truck heists in the past two years.

However, these movie-style heists date back even further. A video released by Romanian police shows the gang attempting to raid a moving cargo truck in 2012. Filmed by a police helicopter late at night, the video shows two thieves climb out of the sunroof. One precariously stands on the hood while the other holds his legs to stop him from falling off as he breaks open the truck's rear door.

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In this case, however, the robbery was aborted. The team was finally caught by police after a year-long manhunt and the stolen iPhones were found stashed at the crew's Otterlo hideout in the Netherlands.

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