Rompetrol Dispatches French Maids to Clean your Engine

This is always how we imagined an engine works, anyway. The Romanians have just put it on film.

When you're a little kid your mind conjures up all sorts of images as to what's going on inside an engine. When you grow older, well…your imagination still runs away with you, only in different directions. Case in point this commercial from Rompetrol. The Romanian oil company says its Efix gasoline cleans your engine while it's burning, helping to keep your car running at peak performance. But just how does it work?

With a team of smoking-hot Eastern European models in French maid outfits with little feather dusters running around inside your engine, of course. Which is pretty much how we imagine the inside of an engine works, anyway. Or so we would like to believe. Allow us our fantasies and check out the video clip.

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