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Ron Howard's 'Rush' Coming September 2013


What could be the best feature film about motorsports won't be released in theatres for another year.

We've known for several months now that Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard was at work on a feature film about one of the best and most exciting eras in the history of Formula One. "Rush" chronicles the 1976 F1 World Championship battle between Austrian Niki Lauda and Englishman James Hunt, perhaps one of the most famous duals in the history of the sport. Howard has clearly made sure that the look and feel of the film is historically accurate down to the smallest details.

1976 was also the year in which Lauda had his near-fatal crash at the Nurburgring which left him with permanently disfigured. Hunt, quite the opposite personality of Lauda, was a hard-partying ladies' man whose racing styling was also equally different than his precise competitor. As excited as we are to see the film, it turns out that we'll have to wait a bit longer than we hoped. It's just been announced that "Rush" will be released on September 20th, 2013. Yes, that's more than a year away. In the meantime, the some new film stills have been released to keep our interest going.

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