Ron RXX is a Mexican Sportscar

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With futuristic styling and tandem seating, Mexico's latest sports car looks to have the making of a tasty track toy.

Mexico is starting to make in-roads into the sportscar industry, and the latest company to try its luck is Ron Automobile. Following the Mastretta MXT and MXT-R came the Vuhl 05, and now we have the Ron RXX, a super lightweight sporty two-seater. Mexican built, the company's flagship model has a chassis made of aluminum, and a body and interior composed predominantly of carbon fiber. Offering "the experience of Formula 1," Ron Mexico insists the RXX has dizzying acceleration and dynamic handling, while visually it has an exotic and sensual look.

Available in three variants of RXX, RXX-S, and RXX-R, differentiated by finish, equipment and power output, the sports car will be street legal with the driver sat right in the middle in front of the passenger in a 1+1 configuration. Mexico Ron is also working on a "R7," inspired by the legendary Lotus Seven.

RON Automviles de Mxico RXX
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