Ronaldo Has His Lamborghini Towed in Madrid, Messi Grins

Messi produces a masterclass display on Wednesday night, Ronaldo sees his murdered-out Aventador get towed.

Remember last month when we brought you the murdered-out $379,700 (€255,000) Lamborghini Aventador that soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo bought himself for his 27th birthday? Well, it broke down last night, a short month after he took delivery of the Italian supercar. Ronaldo was heading to his Real Madrid teammate Pepe's birthday in Madrid when his Aventador broke down. The Portuguese star ended up cabbing it the rest of the way while he stuck two of his assistants with the task of getting it towed.

They moved the car onto the sidewalk until the tow-truck came. So to recap Wednesday night in 'footy' action: Lionel Messi of Barcelona, easily the greatest player in the world, scores five goals setting a European Champion's League record while his closest rival, Ronaldo, arrives to a party in a taxi while his Lamborghini is towed. Talk about scoring an own goal.

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