Ronaldo's Wrecked Ferrari For Sale

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Good hair, lots of cash and his choice of any car in the world doesn't make Cristiano Ronaldo a good driver. He should stick to running around on a field.

Being a football (or soccer, for our US readers) superstar undoubtedly has countless benefits. Money, fame and celebrity power bring with them lots of privileges along with the potential for embarrassing public mishaps, such as totaling your Ferrari. That's exactly what Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo did nearly four years ago. Back in December of 2008, the Real Madrid player was driving his then brand-new Ferrari 599 GTB through a dark tunnel and somehow lost control.

The pictures you see before you are the result, the remains of which are now up for sale on eBay's French site. But don't worry about Ronaldo, he's since long moved on from this display of Italian supercar destruction. He's now driving a black Lamborghini Aventador which to our knowledge he hasn't managed to total (yet). Asking price is 50,000 Euros and it has just over 1,800 miles on the odometer. Any takers?

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