Roof Removing NCE's Next Victim is the Porsche Cayenne


This is a growing trend, we just don't understand how.

Call it a hunch but we have a gut feeling that the people over at Newport Convertible Engineering are big fans of convertibles. In July alone we reported the recent roof choppings for a Range Rover Sport and an Acura TL (we're still trying to figure that last one out.) Although the Range Rover Sport's transformation was not the most beautiful we have seen, it led NCE to receive an additional 47 orders for that particular model. That's good business.

NCE decided to expand on this niche by adding the Porsche Cayenne as the next SUV to be a part of their specialty service. The idea of a cabrio SUV is gaining ground mostly in part to the Range Rover Evoque convertible concept that was on display at Geneva last year and which also recently received the green light for production. Just in case you are not entirely sure that the roof change operation is not ugly enough for you, NCE threw in some truly hideous fake wood paneling on the doors and the hood of a first generation Cayenne in their picture gallery just so there won't be any doubt left in your mind.

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