Roush Introduces New MagneRide Suspension Kit For S550 Mustang

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It's an easy way to improve your Mustang's stance and handling.

It's been almost two months since Ford unveiled the seventh-generation S650 Ford Mustang. There's a lot to like about the new Mustang, but that doesn't mean that the current, sixth-gen S550 model has suddenly been rendered irrelevant.

The S550 is still a top-notch pony car, and those who own 2018-2022 model year examples (and 2023 examples, as it will still live on for another year) can now improve their Mustangs even further thanks to a tasty upgrade that's just been revealed by Roush. It's a new Mustang MagneRide Suspension Kit that not only enhances the cornering ability of the coupe but also gives it a sportier stance thanks to a lower ride height.

Roush Performance Roush Performance

The kit consists of front/rear lowering springs, a MagneRide Calibration card, and MagneRide badging. Suitable for both four- and eight-cylinder Mustangs, the former models come with spring rates of 135 lbs/inch in front and 570 lbs/inch at the back. V8 models have the same rear spring rates, but the fronts are 230 lbs/inch to accommodate the extra weight of double the cylinders.

Front and rear, Mustangs with this kit will ride 30mm (1.18 inches) lower to the ground. The only limitation is that the kit is only compatible with Mustangs that come with the Ford factory MagneRide suspension system. On the base Ford Mustang EcoBoost, the MagneRide damping system is available via the EcoBoost Handling Package, but adding this requires other extras that raise the price by over $10,000.

Roush Performance Roush Performance Roush Performance

"With years of perfecting racing suspension behind it, this kit offers a Roush-calibrated suspension system that improves stance and cornering without sacrificing ride quality or durability," says Roush. "Roush suspension kits are engineered and tested to achieve proper balance with the whole vehicle as an integrated system to take your Mustang to the next level."

Roush says that installation takes around four hours, and the whole kit costs $649.99, which seems like a small additional amount considering the net price of the Mustang's MagneRide damping system.

The new kit adds to another exciting year of Roush upgrades for Ford, from a range of accessories for the F-150 to a power hike and other extras for the Ranger.

Roush Performance Roush Performance

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