Roush Reveals Supercharged 2013 Mustang Program

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Improving an already amazing machine.

While the 2012 New York Auto Show was taking place, famed tuning firm Roush revealed details of their latest tuning package for the 2013 Ford Mustang. Roush, certainly no stranger to Mustang tunings, will offer for 2013 a choice of three packages. Stage 1 includes an aerodynamic body kit complete with a front splitter, a revised grille design, more aggressive front and rear bumpers, and a hood scoop. The windshield is also finished with that familiar Roush header graphic.

Stage 2 features a reworking of the car's suspension. Roush added a large front stabilizer bar to reduce body roll and then replaced the stock dampers with twin-tube shocks with unique valving to keep maximum tire contact on the ground. In order to combat the wheel hop that's common with the Mustang's live axle rear suspension, Roush designed a unique upper control arm that greatly decreases and even eliminates that rear axle hop. Stage 3 is all about power. It takes the styling from Stage 1, the handling of Stage 2, and adds a dose of supercharging.

The standard 5.0 V8 has been supercharged to produce 565hp and 505lb-ft torque. This extra juice comes courtesy of the new R2300 supercharger, which not only allows for more power, but also improved fuel efficiency. Roush is claiming that this is the most powerful street-legal Mustang they've ever built. Also included in Stage 3 is a set of 18-inch, five-spoke chrome wheels, unique leather and suede interior, floor mats, a Roush center console button, and a custom gauge cluster. Pricing isn't available yet (hint: won't be cheap), but Roush states that all three packages will be available by the end of the month.

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