Roush Stage 3: Best Mustang on the Market

But is it worth $68,000?

As the most modified car in the world, there’s no shortage of aftermarket goodies for the Mustang. The best of these tend to come directly from Ford who provide all the right bits to make the car quicker and more drivable, all of which come with a warranty. In between the underpowered Mustang GT and over-the-top GT500 is perhaps the best driving Mustang on the market – the Boss 302. But Drive’s Matt Farah thinks Roush has delivered something even better with its Stage 3 Mustang.

The car’s blown 5.0-liter unit makes 575 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque, the suspension has been tightened and the brakes beefed up. But is it a Mustang you can live with every day? And is it worth $20k more than the Laguna Seca? Farah reveals all.

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