Roush Wants $10,000 To Cover Your F-150 In Its Logos Without Increasing Performance


There are cheaper ways to turn your car into a billboard.

Normally when we hear Roush has something new cooked up for a Ford truck, we get excited. A few years back we saw what it could do to the Ford Raptor, bumping its power up considerably and making it look quite badass. Roush must be waiting for the new Raptor to come out or is just bored with Ford trucks entirely. How else do you explain its latest kit, which offers a bunch of exterior upgrades but nothing new under the hood?

Now the kit isn't entirely about looks. It features a Fox coilover suspension system, a side-exit exhaust and awesome 20-inch Roush wheels wrapped in 305/55 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 tires. There's also a new grille, front bumper cover, fender flares and a ton of Roush decals. Still, is all this worth the $10,600 Roush is asking for it? We don't think so. Good luck getting any suckers to bite on this kit.


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