Rowan Atkinson Has Made A Killer Profit By Selling His McLaren F1

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Talk about laughing all the way to the bank.

A few months ago we reported that Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean, had put his McLaren F1 on the market. Only 106 F1s were ever built, just 72 road legal. Atkinson bought the car brand new back in 1997 for 540,000 UK pounds. That was quite a lot of dough at the time, but we doubt anyone could have imagined what an F1 would be worth some 18 years later. Atkinson listed the car for 8 million pounds, and now The Telegraph is reporting that it's been sold to another UK buyer.

No final price was announced but considering the car's high demand, we're willing to bet that he got at least asking price. The guy who originally sold Atkinson the car and who also handled this sale, stated that "Everyone is very pleased with the sale. There was interest from around the world and it has gone to a British buyer who will drive it like Rowan did." Well, hopefully not exactly like that. If you recall, Atkinson crashed the F1 back in 2011. His insurance company paid out 910,000 for the repair bill, supposedly the biggest-ever car insurance claim. This sale "is one of the biggest ever deals in the UK. Rowan is pleased, but also maybe a bit sad as he did 40,000 miles on it."

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