RS6 Beats Nissan GT-R So Badly That Audi May Be Sandbagging Its Cars

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This wouldn't be the first time the Germans undersell their horsepower figures.

It's sincerely a shame that Audi decided to pass over the US market when it was planning where to sell the RS6 Avant because if it did offer it to Americans, well, let's just say we wish Mercedes good luck in selling the AMG GLC63 because anyone wanting supercar performance and SUV utility would be satisfied. Time and time again the five door family wagon has proven that supercars can be felled thanks to the magic of German engineering. It previously took on its cousin, an Audi R8, on the drag strip and won.

Then it went on to steal the crown from the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate, and finally it battled with Godzilla of the supercar world and won. Not on a drag strip where high horsepower and torque figures have the last word against just about anything, but on the race track where lightweight supercars typically punish heavier utility/performance mashups.

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However it was the GT-R's habit of launching so harshly that the driveline in earlier models had a hard time taking the punishment that earned it its reputation, and with Carfection's own Audi RS6 Avant on hand to race, a drag race was in order. With the Nissan carrying a 9 horsepower premium but a 47 lb-ft torque deficit to the Audi, the two are actually more evenly matched then it initially appears when considering the weight difference and the fact both have all-wheel drive. But it doesn't seem so once both cars are off the line and racing towards the horizon. With the Audi clearing a massive lead each race, it would almost leave one to believe that the Germans are sandbagging again…

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