RSC Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo

And yet another tuner has taken a crack at the ever tunable Lamborghini Gallardo. As Lamborghini's most successful model in their famed history, the Gallardo is also one of the favorite cars (besides BMWs) that tuners like to get their hands on. Racing Sport Concepts (RSC), an American aftermarket developer, has done their own set of modifications both aesthetically and technically. The topless Gallardo has been given multiple black elements to create a solid contrast to the base white body.

The hood, windshield frame, headlights, and side mirrors are now finished in black. Added aerodynamic enhancements include a front splitter, and side skirt elements. It rides on custom lightweight alloy rims with a five double-spoke design. RSC hadn't divulged all of their technical modifications, but we do know it has been fitted with a Heffner twin-turbo kit. RSC states that they are all "enthusiasts who thrive off the satisfaction of a happy customer who has fallen in love with their car all over again."

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