RTR Already Modifying Seventh-Gen S650 Ford Mustang

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Will it get more power, or will RTR stick with styling modifications?

Ready to Rock, better known as RTR, has teased that it has begun developing modifications for the 2024 Ford Mustang, codenamed S650. Company founder Vaughn Gittin Jr even commented on the Instagram post, saying that he has "a few ideas!" So what can we expect?

Well, increasing performance through tuning may be off the cards. Ford has intentionally made it much more difficult to tune the S650 with the brand's new Fully-Networked Vehicle electrical architecture, so RTR may only be able to modify the way the new Mustang looks. Then again, RTR has worked closely with Ford in the past and may get special privileges. After all, not just any tuner gets a prototype of a new car to work on far ahead of the vehicle's public launch.


What we do know, thanks to the teaser image, is that the tuner is working with the GT model, which produces 480 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque from its 5.0-liter Coyote V8. Considering how wild RTR's past creations have been, we fully expect this Mustang to get a number of aesthetic enhancements too. LED lighting at the edges of the front grille is to be expected, as is a rear wing and some beefy wheels and tires. A new body kit is probably being developed as we speak too, but RTR has been beaten to that punch by 777Performance already.

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In the past, RTR has favored bolting Whipple superchargers to its Mustangs, but Fathouse Fabrications in Indiana is going the other route, developing a twin-turbo package that is aiming for 1,000 hp. Assuming that RTR will also aim for more ponies, we expect suspension upgrades and drivetrain enhancements to make their way onto the platform to prevent breakages and maximize stability.

Inside, RTR will surely fit new seats and possibly an aftermarket steering wheel, among other things. Sadly, we doubt that we'll learn much about the tuner's plans until the S650 Mustang goes on sale sometime in the summer of this year.

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